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Wild Pines Park

Wild Pines Park is a nostalgic, national park-esque font with a subtle ruggedness and Americana charm. Transport yourself to a bygone era, equipped with your handy field guide notebook, as you venture into to the wilderness.

This an attention-grabbing display font boasts a commanding yet comforting presence. Its unique characters (check out the K, R and G) add a playful touch to its bold nature.

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Take your notes from bland to brilliant with this simple “study notes” style font.

Whether you aim to capture the nostalgic essence of your old school books and study notes or bring a touch of authenticity to complex maths and science manuscripts, Naturalist is your intellectual accomplice.

Bad Type Society

From your friends at Typeheist, Bad Type Society Foundry emerges as a daring companion, pioneering a typographic revolution in the pursuit of speed and innovation.

At Bad Type Society, we're the disruptors, the adventurers and the risk-takers of the type world, focusing on fonts in ways that challenge conventions.

Here to move fast by focusing on an English character set, Bad Type Society allows Typeheist to dive deeper into crafting typefaces enriched with multi-lingual characters, extensive weights and more symbols.

With a standard English character set as the canvas, Bad Type Society crafts fonts that are unapologetically bold, daring, and disruptive - one unruly ligature at a time.