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Submission info

We aim to showcase the best handwritten type, spotted both online and offline.

Bad Type Society is a curated collection and, while we do review every submission, we can’t guarantee that your submission will be featured. If a submission isn’t accepted, you are welcome to submit again with another project.


Before submitting, please ensure your submission is eligible:

  • The work must be ‘live’. This means you have seen this in person or on a live website. No conceptual mockups, please.
  • The type is handwritten (serifs and sans serifs are okay, as long as they are hand-drawn). It can be either freehand writing or a handwritten font.
  • There is high quality imagery to include.
  • Links to the most relevant websites are appreciated. This may be a link to a font foundry, an agency case study, the brand itself, an instagram post etc.